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Date: 20/6/11


Lenovo has been enjoying a phenomenal run globally, outpacing overall industry growth for eight straight quarters and has been the fastest growing of the top 5 PC makers for six straight quarters. The Emerging Markets Group, of which ASEAN and Thailand are a part of, has enjoyed similar success.

The power brand campaign “Are you Lenovo?” was an integrated marketing and communications campaign designed to raise Lenovo’s brand awareness, consideration and preference in Thailand. All aspects of the campaign were successful, with dramatic results achieved on the PR front. This campaign was pivotal in raising Lenovo’s brand profile, and helping the company close its financial year with record sales, and a record high market share in Thailand.

Its iconic ‘Think’ business products have been at the forefront of technology development for almost 20 years.  The brand wanted to raise brand awareness in Thailand and connect with younger Thai consumers through a multi-faceted brand campaign comprising public relations, consumer activation, social media and advertising.

Spark designed a series of events throughout the country that received coverage in print, broadcast and online, engaging with the media and the public throughout and enhancing the brand experience through interactive activities that told the brand story and highlighted product features.

The ‘Are you Lenovo?’ campaign achieved PR and business objectives including the following results:


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