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Date: 24/6/14

Seven steps to SPARK your PR strategy

Answering the following seven steps will help ‘spark’ an effective PR strategy that delivers both quantitative and qualitative results.

Step One: define your goals and objectives
What is your desired end result? Are you trying to sell more product, increase market share,persuade a specific target audience to act, increase membership etc?

Step Two: Consider the environment
What factors (economic, social, regulatory, political, competitive) are likely to affect your business? Identify the competition – direct and indirect. Identify your single most important point of differentiation.

Step Three: Determine you audience(s)
Who do you need to reach and what do you need to know about them that ultimately will help to influence their thoughts or actions?

Step Four: Identify your key messages and how best to deliver them
What messages will have most effect in getting your audience(s) to respond? Which channels will best reach your audience(s): TV, Newspaper, seminars, Internet, tradeshows, brochures etc.?

Step Five: Consider timing
The timing of any PR effort will be critical. Consider when your audience(s) will be most open to your messages or offer, and when you want or need them to react.

Step Six: What will success look like?
How will you measure the impact of your PR efforts? Are your objectives and expectations realistic, achievable, and measurable? Does your budget and timeline support your goals?

Step Seven: Next steps
Working with your team, Spark Communications can guide you through your first six steps, and prepare a strategic communications plan of action, customised for the Thai market.

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